Surprise - Get a Whole Library of Parenting Resources

Surprise - Get a Whole Library of Parenting Resources

I have a surprise for you! Read to the end for a FREE gift.
Each year, we participate in the Homestead Bundle twice per year, where we donate one of our books to a library of resources that sells for 99% off for one week only. The Impact Bundles team hosts these sales (shoutout to Jon and Helena! You guys rock!). A few months ago, they contacted me about an idea they had for a parenting bundle. Their vision was to create a resource library specific to all things motherhood and they wanted to release it right before Mother's Day as a give back for all the moms.
I was so excited to see what they would come up with. Two weeks ago, I got my copy and I've been going through the books and courses to see if it would be a good fit to share with you - my community. It turns out that I kind of actually LOVE it and it starts TODAY so I can finally tell you about everything included.
parenting books bundle
Note: I do not have a book in this bundle, but I do have a freebie that I'm going to give you so you get some Grace Walk Farm goodness to go with the rest. More on the freebie in a minute.
When you purchase the bundle through my link, I make a small commission. So thank you in advance! Even if I wasn't making a penny, I'd share this with you because it's so good. So let's get into the details…

What it is:

The Parenting Bundle is a collection of 90+ high-quality ebooks, courses, and guides for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost over $5000 in total, making it a 99% discount! There is no catch, other than the bundle ends on May 20th, and all of the resources will go back to the regular price.

Everything included:

There is literally something in the bundle for all stages of the parenting journey. There are also books and activities included for your kids - which might be my favorite part. A lot of these books were written by real doctors - which makes me love it even more. Reliable info on holistic parenting can be tricky to find! Here you get it all in one place.
parenting bundle
This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a special mom in your life. To purchase it for someone else, just enter their email at checkout so they receive the confirmation and download links. Or use your email and forward it to the gift recipient. You're going to want to snag one for yourself too! Here are all the topics covered:
- Activities for kids, including stories, guides and supply lists
- Fertility Health and Holistic Methods for Boosting Fertility
- Non or low-toxic living guides for baby's first year
- Tips for navigating health with kids including a guide from Dr. Nichole Morris on how to interpret you lab results from bloodwork (it's GOLD!)
- Pregnancy support, trimester checklists, and birth plan templates
- Herbal remedies that are kid-safe, as well as dosing, and recipes for tea blends, salves, and tinctures.
- Recipes for healthy snack swaps for kids 
- Sensory development activities for babies with 100+ ideas 
- Strength and conditioning training for mamas
- Support for highly sensitive parents, managing sensory stimulation, and
understanding emotions.
- Dental health essentials, including tooth decay protocols for kids.
- Night weaning, bedsharing, and elimination communication for natural diapering and potty training.
- Childhood milestone support, from sitting up and crawling to taming toddler tantrums and anger management.
- Support for breastfeeding journeys, including techniques, benefits and holistic remedies to support milk production.
- And much more!

What you will learn: 

- How to remove obstacles to fertility, increase your fertility awareness and learn to chart your cycle for natural family planning
- What to look for and what to avoid for a low-tox home
- How to use holistic healing, herbal and essential oil remedies for common children ailments and complaints, fertility, pregnancy and labor.
- Nourishing foods and recipes to avoid preservatives and sugar, and boost your family's gut health
- How to play with babies and toddlers in fun ways to help sensory development
- How to keep fit mentally and physically while preparing for childbirth or recover postpartum
- How to slow down alongside your kids with stories and activities and bedtime routines
- Understand what a highly sensitive parent is and learn to check in with your needs and emotions, breakdown emotional triggers, and manage parental sensory stimulation to show up healed for your little ones
- Learn about bedsharing, night weaning, potty training, tantrums, picking eating, sleep routines, tummy time and weaning
- Safety techniques for the entire family, from choking to emergency response
- How to confidently breastfeed, bottle feed and pump milk for your baby, and tips to overcome common challenges
- How to support dads with their parenting journey too.
- And much, much more!
There is no Catch!
I promise you, there is no catch other than the offer ends soon! We, as creators, have come together to create this amazing bundle, and we all agreed on giving you a 99% discount, to give something back to the community. But, you'll only be able to get all of this for $50 for 10
days. After that, everything goes back to the regular price!
How it works:
Once you buy the bundle, you will get a confirmation email with an access code and a link to an access page where you can download and access everything. The ebooks can be downloaded to desktop, tablet, and mobile, and once downloaded you will have them for life!
The courses in the bundle are accessible online. Some have a login page where you enter your details and log in to access. Others are accessible with the access code given in the confirmation email. Sometimes you will also need to apply this access code at checkout to get 100% off. The access page is available for one full year, so just make sure you've downloaded the books and courses you want to keep within a year and you're all set.
Do not wait. The multitude of incredible minds and creators of these courses, programs, and e-books are offering their best life-lessons at an enormous discount for a limited time. You absolutely CANNOT find this level of value combined in an ultimate collection at anywhere near this price. This is an offer like you'll never see again! 
Go HERE to learn more and grab the bundle before it's gone.
free ebook
Now let's talk about that FREE GIFT I promised! I am always straight up with you if I make any sort of commission or kickback from sharing about a product. So here's the deal. My family earns a small commission from each bundle that is bought through our affiliate link this week. When you buy these bundles, it's like you're contributing a little bit to our paycheck. 
Instead of promoting products all the time, I try to focus on sharing garden tips and things I'm doing day to day. I have a lot of brands contact me, but I turn down 99% of them because I am not QVC or the Home Shopping Network. I hate it when someone I love to follow suddenly starts selling stuff everyday. It feels icky to me. One of my core values for business has become “SERVE - NOT SELL”.
So these bundles and our book sales really provide the income that allows me to be home full time to be your garden friend. With that being said, I want to say THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, your love and support during these bundle sales means the world to me and my family.
Thanks for being my garden friend! Be sure to follow along in Instagram. Today, I'm teaching how to prune tomato plants in my stories and you don't want to miss it! 
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