ONE WEEK ONLY - Holistic Health Bundle

ONE WEEK ONLY - Holistic Health Bundle

It's Holistic Health Week and I've got something really special to share with you today. I'm joining up with 100 other writers, herbalists, nutritionists, doctors, and nurses to do a unique community give-back sale. I have participated in a few of these bundle deals in the past, but this one is extra close to my heart because it's focused on holistic health.

holistic health bundle

What Is the Holistic Health Bundle?

The Holistic Health Bundle is a collection of 100+ high-quality ebooks, courses and guides for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost over $8000 in total, making it a 99% discount! There is no catch, other than the bundle ends on the 30th of July, and all of the resources will go back to the regular price.

What you will learn:

  • How to find the root cause of frustrating symptoms and chronic health problems
  • How to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal chronic illnesses
  • How to pull parasites, toxins, and heavy metals out of your system, safely and effectively, with doctor’s approved formulas.
  • How to identify and grow healing plants, make your own herbal medicine, and treat common ailments with natural remedies
  • Make your home chemical free and safe for you and your family
  • Work with medicinal herbs, healing plants, flowers, and nature’s own superfoods
  • Protect yourself from harmful chemicals, artificial light and toxic chemicals
  • Finally overcome and heal trauma with inner healing guidance, mindful practices, and guided meditations
  • Enhance your natural beauty with facial mapping, gua sha, Tao Face Yoga, seasonal color analysis, plus hair and scalp care
  • Build a strong and powerful mindset to face challenges and overcome obstacles in your life
  • Make healing food, juices and superfood smoothies to boost the health of yourself and those you love
  • Experience peak health with biohacking, hormone balancing, and light optimization
  • And much, much more!

There is no Catch!

I promise you, there is no catch other than the offer ends soon! All creators have come together to create this amazing bundle, and we all agreed on doing a 99% discount to give something back to the community. But it’s only for 10 days that we can give it for $50 before everything goes back to the regular price!

How it Works

Once you buy the bundle, you will get a confirmation email with an access code and a link to an access page where you can download and access everything. The ebooks can be downloaded to desktop, tablet and mobile, and once downloaded, you will have them for life!

The courses in the bundle are accessible online. The ebooks can be downloaded to up to 5 separate devices and you will also get an access code in your confirmation email. This is a coupon code that gives you 100% off on all of the included courses.

Do not wait.

The multitude of incredible minds and creators of these courses, programs, and e-books are offering their best life lessons at an enormous discount for a limited time. You absolutely CANNOT find this level of value combined in an ultimate collection at anywhere near this price.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your health, - physically, mentally, and spiritually...this is an offer you’ll never see again!

Go HERE to learn more and grab the bundle before it’s gone.

More about the bundle

The Holistic Health Bundle is a comprehensive vault of resources covering a multitude of skill sets and topics, curated specifically to guide you to the life that you always dreamed possible.

There is really something for everyone in this amazing bundle. This never-before-seen Bundle, including over 100 courses, trainings, and digital books, from some of the most experienced creators, doctors, professionals, and experts in holistic health, herbalism, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, inner healing, breath work and so much more. And right now, for a very limited time, you can get access to all this premium best-selling content for only $50. That’s an over 99% savings.

Purchasing just one of these products individually at a regular price would cost more than this entire bundle. This is the power of collaboration. An all-star team of educators joining forces in a way which allows you an opportunity to own lifetime access to a wide catalog of some of the best resources at a price that cannot exist outside of this bundle.

To get this thorough collection any other way, you’d have to spend over 100X more than your special discount today. You really do get full access, and you don’t have to use everything. If you go through even one product, the investment makes sense. You’ll have immediate access to download all these ebooks, so the rest will be in your personal library, when you’re ready or need them.

This bundle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not A product, a course, or a book. It’s a one-of-a-kind chance to access a library of life-changing material, at a price that exists nowhere else.

There’s no catch, other than the fact that this offer expires on Sunday, July 30th 11:59PM EST (in just a few days).


My Favorite Books and Courses in This Bundle

herbal cooking class

Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide to Herbalism in the Kitchen (#103) - normally $99!

LOVE THIS ONE!!!! This is a 1 hour, 15 minute video class. It covers tastes and constituents, how to do infusions, decoctions, syrups, and broths. You will learn about oxymels, powdered herbs, infused oils, pestos and pastes, baking… this is a crash course into using herbs in the kitchen. You’ll get a complete look at how to use medicinal herbs and which ones to begin with as you journey deeper into herbalism.

My favorite quote from the class: “All your meals are medicinal when made with intention.”

 root cause of chronic illness

The Root Cause Academy #102

by Summer Segar, Functional Health Practitioner and lyme disease survivor. Find the real root cause to frustrating health symptoms and gain access to RCA facebook community. This course contains 5 modules, includes videos and PDF’s.

Buy the bundle just for this one if you have chronic health problems

iridology for beginners 

Iridology and Sclerology 101 - #100

The eyes are a window to the soul. Iridology can be used to assess genetic tendencies, gut health, spinal health, personality traits, weakened organs, and much more. This is FASCINATING! Note to friends and family - if you see me staring deeply into your eyes, I’m not being weird. I’m just a newbie wannabe iridologist, looking for lines and shapes on your eyeballs. Seriously though, this course is fascinating.

 edible and medicinal flowers

Edible and Medicinal Flowers by Kami McBride - #99

Author of Herbal Kitchen

This is a fun class that will teach you how to grow and use edible and medicinal flowers

Two video lessons or transcripts if you prefer to read instead of watch

 peggy hall webinar

Mind Body Makeover by The Healthy American Peggy Hall - #98

3 hour webinar, if you’re in a season of overwhelm or burnout, this one is for you.

I love listening to Peggy Hall, she is a freedom advocate, a woman of great wisdom, and this webinar will really empower you to start making the changes you need to feel your best.

 total metabolic reset book

Total Metabolic Reset - #96

110 lessons - covers nutrition, mindset, and movement. Includes a meal plan, recipes, workouts - literally everything you need to make real changes! Check out the Healthy Shamrock Shake in module 2!

 how to read food labels

Label Reading Workshop by Wellness Handmade - #92

Learn how to read food labels, a shopable swap list, healthy food swaps, navigating the grocery store, how to read ingredients, the full scoop on sugars and hidden sweeteners and seed oils.

 doctor approved detox plan

The 7 Phases of Detox by Dr. Kevin Conners - #88

Normally $700, Dr. Conners shares from his 35 years of clinical experience to help you do a detox SAFELY. This course has a ton of 5 star reviews!

 healing benefits of the sun

Harnessing the Power of the Sun by Sarah Kleiner Wellness - #82

Did you know that LIGHT is the main signal that controls your metabolism, mood, and sleep? You can make all the changes you want to your diet and workout routine, but if you don’t adjust your approach to getting the right kind of light in the right quantity, you may see some symptoms still stick around. This class goes deep into the science of light and circadian rhythms. It explains how to approach sun exposure safely while protecting your skin. How to build your vitamin D levels, and the truth about red light therapy and UV light therapy. Normally $60

 integrative pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics - #79

Combines the best of modern medicine with old medicine (homeopathy, eastern medicine, focus on the whole patient - not a single symptom). Teachers are doctors, nutritionists, integrative health practitioners, alternative health practitioners. Broken down into 24 video lessons. High quality course with critical info for parents. Special lessons about cough and cold, asthma and allergies, headaches and migraines, anxiety depression and mood, MRSA, and gentle detox. Normally $500

 herb materia medica

Herbal Materia Medica Course by Herbal Academy - #75

I love Herbal Academy and this is my third class I’ve taken from them. I have a couple of their books and I personally invest in their courses and read their website constantly for blog updates. This is truly my go to resource for herbalism. Materia medica is a Latin term that means “healing materials.”More specifically, in herbalism, a materia medica is a body of knowledge that describes how plants have been used therapeutically. Materia medicas have been recorded and published throughout history and now you can make your own. You’ll learn how to study plants, how to research and learn about plants, and how to integrate herbalism into your life. Includes tons of resources for learning herbalism plus some beautiful downloadable pages to use to create your own herbal journal.

 coming home to homeopathy

Coming Home to Homeopathy - #71

This course will prepare you to use homeopathy at home for all types of ailments. You get much more than just a list of remedies and your uses. You are going to learn how to assess someone and choose a remedy during an acute illness. You’ll learn all the basics of homeopathic living and get a remedy quick reference printable and a dosing and potency guide. Normally $129. This class was fascinating for me and it’s one that I plan to repeat and take lots of notes to save in my home medicine binder.

how to make herbal vinegars 

The Magic of Preserving and Using Vinegar Through the Growing Season - #64

This book is one that I really enjoyed because I was already tinkering around with making vinegars. I have made apple scrap vinegar (that was a flop!) and strawberry scrap vinegar (a major success!). This ebook breaks down how to make your own herbal vinegars and the best tonic herbs to use. There are recipes and ideas for making many different types of vinegars. My favorite recipe was the Folk Method Tincture using vinegar.


Holistic Mold Recovery - #57

Mold can wreak absolute havoc on your health and it can cause some crazy symptoms. This book unpacks what to do after mold exposure and how to ensure you make a full recovery. There’s a symptom list you can look through if you think you’ve been exposed to mold. It also covers natural things you can do to detox and support your body as it heals. I also loved that it gave detailed information about how to get tested for mold toxicity and how to get your home tested. If you have mold illness or suspect that you might, you need this ebook.


The Holistic Child’s Medicine Cabinet - #53

The whole idea of this bundle is to give you the tools you need to support your family’s health naturally. This ebook is going to help you organize your tools and make sure you have everything you need on hand before an illness occurs. Written by a nurse, Anne Marie Lamers, @holistically.anne.marie, she is a mom of 6 and worked in the pediatric cardiac ICU as a nurse for 14 years. She shares how to stock a holistic medicine cabinet, what tools you need, and even shares how she handles common health issues in her own home. She teaches natural support at home for fevers, flu, stomach bug, and RSV. She also covers first aid, sore throats, ear pain, allergies, constipation, and cough and cold. In chapter 4, she explains when to call a doctor. There is always a time and place for modern medicine and she tells you what signs mean it’s time to go get some help.


Uncovering the Emotional Connection to Illness - #51

Your body keeps the score. If you are chronically sick and tired, there’s a good chance that your nervous system is a wreck and you may be dealing with some suppressed emotions. I really loved this book, as Justine gently takes you on a journey to really understand how your emotions, your trauma, and your body are intricately interwoven. She takes you down a path to real emotional healing, which can ultimately lead to physical healing as well.

 sober for health

Sober for Health - The Essential Guide to Living an Alcohol-Free Life - #50

Emily Cahill bravely shares her own story of how she decided to get sober and lead an alcohol-free life to benefit her health. In a world where the mom wine scene is booming, I found this book incredibly refreshing and eye opening. Sometimes abstaining from alcohol isn’t just solely about an addiction. Sometimes it’s about choosing what is best to honor our bodies and our health. She takes the stigma away from being alcohol-free and even gives you a list of things to say when you’re in a social setting and someone asks why you don’t drink or buys you a drink. This ebook even gives you a list of non-alcoholic beverage recipes and the virgin margarita looks DELISH. I’ll definitely be making one of those to sip after working in the garden.


Hippie Eats Cookbook - #48 and #49

Where’s my food allergy moms at? If you have celiac or other food sensitivities in your home, this is going to be God’s gift to you today. The Hippie Eats cookbook is a “high vibe gluten-free, soy-free, refined-sugar-free, and vegan friendly flavorful dishes.” It’s a mouthful I know, but what you need to know is this is a treasure trove of allergen-free recipes that actually taste good. The Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Muffins have me dreaming of fall. There is a recipe for Chocolate Dessert Hummus that has me VERY intrigued - it looks like brownie batter in the photos. Just go get this bundle so you can have this cookbook. Okay? Okay.


Anticancer Lifestyle Guide - #37

Cortney’s story is so inspiring. She received a devastating cancer diagnosis in 2008, stage 2 hodgkin’s lymphoma. She said she had never eaten a salad in her life until that day. She was living on frozen meals, processed snacks, and three diet cokes a day. Which honestly sounded a lot like me before I started my lyme disease protocol. Cortney BEAT cancer. And she did it naturally by changing her lifestyle. This ebook is her story and it’s full of precious encouragement and advice if you are striving to make hard changes for the sake of your health. I also really loved that she shared Biblical affirmations that she used as part of her healing journey.


Natural Dyes for Well Being by Rebecca Desnos - #34

I adore Rebecca Desnos. Her creativity and talent is incredible and she is just a lovely person. We have chatted together on several occasions about our health journeys and our book projects. Rebecca’s specialty is natural dyes. She takes plants and flowers from her garden and turns them into gorgeous natural pigments to dye fabric. I think I probably own all of Rebecca’s books now and they are all wonderful, but I love this one most of all. Rebecca’s heart shines in this one as she takes you on a colorful journey through healing dyes, using aromatic herbs, and starting your own dye garden.


Fermentation: Your Way to Holistic Health by Sourdough@Co - #16

I’ve read several books about sourdough and fermentation, but this one really drew me in. It breaks down the whole science of fermentation and sourdough, explaining the health impact of sourdough vs yeasted bread. But the best part, in my opinion, is that this ebook covers gluten free sourdough and gives you free access to a gluten free sourdough course to walk you through the process. This is exactly what I need! I have tried and failed at gluten free sourdough half a dozen times in the past year. I’m going to dive into this one this fall and see if I can figure it out.


Naturopathic First Aid by Dr. Nichole Morris - #13

This is a guide to “traditional healing for the modern family”. Dr. Morris walks you through naturopathic options for families with homeopathy, essential oils, and home remedies. This is an incredible resource and you should print it! It’s 43 pages long. Keep it in a binder to reference whenever you need it. It covers a variety of conditions ranging from headaches and teething to urinary tract infections and shingles. There is also information on burns, bites and stings, food poisoning, and poison ivy. I found that Dr. Morris had a balanced approach and she clearly indicates when it’s time to call your family doctor or head to the emergency room. This is definitely one of my favorites in this health bundle sale.

 treating lyme disease naturally

Beating Lyme Disease - #19

 In January of 2022, I finally learned the root cause of years of strange and worrisome health problems: lyme disease. This is my story about how I beat lyme without antibiotics by choosing a holistic path. I'm sharing what worked and what helped me most to get well. 


ENDS JULY 30th at midnight (EST).

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