Homestead Education Week

Homestead Education Week

We are hosting a 10-day celebration of this homestead life we love. 

From March 22-31, here’s what to expect:

  • 10 days of free live homestead workshops

  • Giveaways for dozens of fun home and garden goodies

  • A hugely discounted library of books and courses to continue your homestead education when the week ends

homestead education week

If you are here, you probably either have a garden or want to have a garden. Maybe you are homesteading or interested in learning what that even looks like in a backyard.

I remember the roller coaster of emotions I felt when we first started this journey towards turning our backyard into a little farm.

So you’re probably dealing with:

Confusion about raising chicks or goats and what exactly you need to get started 

Anxiety over how to transplant your precious seedlings to the garden without killing them

Endless battles with weeds in the garden (how do they take over SO FAST?!)

Frustration with pests that eat your crops before you do

And TIME - how will you find the time to do all of this?! 

Does any of that sound familiar?

Here are a few facts that you can absolutely take to the bank, the living breathing homestead truth that no one else will tell you.

You will never have it all figured out. Once you bring home those cute baby chicks, you’re going to need to watch out for pasty butt and parasites. Some seedlings WILL die at transplant - it happens. And those weeds? They are just getting started. Weeds are in EVERY garden. And so are bugs. 

So what are you supposed to do? If you don’t have someone there beside you to teach you these skills, how are you going to figure it out?

You need mentors who have already faced these common problems and can guide you towards solutions. We’ve got free workshops lined up with the most requested topics taught by farmers, gardeners, herbalists, and homesteaders.

free homestead workshops and classes

You will learn how to...

  • Transplant those seedlings in the best way to minimize losses
  • Care for new chicks and be prepared for those unexpected issues
  • Make homesteading a FAMILY thing - how to get the kids involved
  • Design your homestead to pay for itself with multiple income streams

 You’re also going to learn how to…

  • Dry your own herbs with no special equipment
  • Make simple home remedies for ear infections, bee stings, and seasonal allergies.
  • Create your own beautiful, rich compost at home
  • Care for goats and raise your own dairy even in a small homestead space
  • And A LOT more!

And by the way, it’s FREE.

We’re not charging a dime for this week of homestead education. We were so blessed with people who invested time in helping us learn and now we’re passing it on to you. 

Here’s How it Works…

Tune in during Homestead Education Week to watch the workshops live on Instagram.

You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with the workshop teachers during the class and we’ll always have a time to answer questions at the end.

Below, you’ll find a schedule of all the classes happening throughout the week so you can choose the ones you want to attend. All of the workshops will be saved and posted so you can catch the ones you missed later or save them to rewatch as often as you want.

But what about AFTER this week? 

How do you keep learning? What if there are topics that the workshops didn’t cover?

We are also offering a library of 140 books and courses to help you go deeper and learn more about how to homestead, grow your own food, raise livestock, and create the little (or BIG!?) farm of your dreams.

 offgrid homestead bundle

The Homestead Bundle is a collaboration from over 100 homesteaders and gardeners who are living out this passion day by day.

We’ve all agreed to combine our books and courses into one instant download that gives you access to a complete homestead education in a matter of a few clicks.

The sale discounts the books by 99% so it’s really a no-brainer to grab the bundle and continue learning over the coming months and years.  

The sale ends when Homestead Education Week ends - March 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST. At that point, each book and course goes back to its original price. Not to rush you or anything - but you don’t want to miss this so go grab it now.  Sale begins March 22.

 grow food garden course


Also, we’ve got a big surprise waiting for you in the bundle. Our brand new GROW FOOD Course is included in the bundle. Our courses is normally priced at $250, so you will get our complete guide to growing food plus 139 other ebooks and courses for just $50. Like I said, RUN. Go get your homestead book bundle.

 grow food course homestead bundle


Once you grab your bundle, you can sign up HERE for the Bundle Book Club and join in on monthly live discussions about the books. We’ll walk through the information together, bit by bit and really unpack it together as a community. I can’t wait!


Homestead Education Week Schedule

 Alright, let’s get into the details. Make sure to save the schedule for Homestead Education week and set your reminders for any giveaways that you want to enter! To view the workshops, go to the Instagram page of the host and look for the pink “LIVE” bubble in the top left corner. Click to join the conversation.

*Note - All times are listed as Eastern Standard Time.


Wednesday, March 22

10 AM - Transplanting Seedlings: How to Help Your Baby Plants Thrive 



2:30 PM - Setting Up a Brooder Box for Chicks


Thursday, March 23 

10 AM - Backyard Chickens for Beginners 

(@gracewalkfarm and @homesteadhafsa)

2 PM - Composting for Beginners

@gracewalkfarm and @the_garden_is_growing

2:30 PM - Let’s Plant Microgreens


Friday, March 24

10 AM - Interview with a 10th Generation Homestead

(@gracewalkfarm and @theappalachianhomestead)

2 PM - DIY Herbal Remedies for Beginners 


2:30 PM - Make a Skillet Meal with Me


Saturday, March 25

2 PM - Dry Your Own Herbs at Home 


Sunday, March 26

3 PM - Let’s Build a Worm Farm

(@gracewalkfarm, @heyyitsagoodlife, @blissfulhomesteading, @mistycreekacres) 


Monday, March 27

2:30 PM - Simple Water Bath Canning Sauerkraut Recipe


3 PM - Home Canning for Beginners


Tuesday, March 28

10 AM - Homesteading with Kids

(@gracewalkfarm, @blissfulhomesteading)

11:30 AM - Dairy Day: Using Raw Cow’s Milk


2:30 PM - Off-Grid Living Chat

(@mistycreekacres, @caterpillarproject)

Wednesday, March 29

11:30 AM - Ask a Homesteader

(@gracewalkfarm, @blissfulhomesteading, @mistycreekacres, @caterpillarproject)

2:30 PM - All About Goats

(@gracewalkfarm, @mistycreekacres)

4 PM - Making Money on a Homestead


Thursday, March 30

10 AM - Homestead and Home Income 

(@gracewalkfarm, @heyyitsagoodlife)

2 PM - Homesteading Off the Grid

(@gracewalkfarm, @caterpillarproject)

2:30 PM - How to Make Bee Traps 


Friday, March 31

12 PM - Let’s Build a Worm Farm Part 2 and Q+A

(@gracewalkfarm, @heyyitsagoodlife, @blissfulhomesteading, @mistycreekacres)

2:30 PM - Planting Herbs for Chickens


9 PM - Late Night Homestead Hangout and Q+A



Watch my stories for Daily Giveaways 

March 22 - Amber’s Favorite Seeds

March 23 - Egg Apron  

March 24 - “Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide” book by Rosemary Gladstar 

March 25 - Canning Lids + “Home Canning for Beginners” 

March 26 - $50 

March 27 - Steam Canner 

March 28 - Garden ABC’s Coloring Book printable 

March 29 - “Making Money on a Homestead” ebook 

March 30 - “Nourishing Traditions” ebook 

March 31 - $50 


Questions about Homestead Education week? Email us at

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