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Grace Walk Farm

The Homestead Quarterly - Spring 2023

The Homestead Quarterly - Spring 2023

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The new edition of the Homestead Quarterly is here! This is a collection of homestead stories, garden DIY’s, family friendly recipes, farm photos, and inspirational articles from the homesteaders you know and love. Like a reader's digest for homemakers and gardeners, you'll find lots of new recipes and DIY inspiration for your home and garden. A new book is released in 4 times per year. Collect them all!


2 Ways to Read Your Homestead Quarterly:

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Download the digital version to get a PDF and start reading immediately. Order a paperback to add to your homestead library. This full color digest is over 100 pages of content to inspire you on your homestead journey. Start reading now!


Featured In This Edition:

Charles Dowding

Aly Hill, Our Midwest Roots

Natalie Argo, Hey It’s a Good Life

Amy, Our Faith Filled Homestead

Arielle de Martinez, herbalist

Miriam Nicholson, Manna Manor

Sarah Flanagan, Our Whiskey Lullaby

Lauren Bliss, Blissful Homesteading

Julie Davis, Wayland Acres

Julie Long, Misty Creek Acres

The Appalachian Homestead

 Amber Benge, Grace Walk Farm



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