About Grace Walk Farm

Grace Walk Farm is in the foothills of North Carolina, where we decided to put down deep roots in our hometown.

We’re Josh and Amber. We were high school sweethearts and we've been married for 20 years.

We have two kids and we've been homesteading for a little over 3 years - although we gardened a bit before that.

Our homestead dream was born in 2019, as we sat around the dining room table together as a family and prayed.

We asked God to give us a little piece of land where we could grow food, raise some chickens, and just pursue a more HOME-centered life.

We were burnt out and desperately longing for a slower pace for our family.

God answers prayers! We found the perfect property a few weeks later and Grace Walk Farm was born.

We had no formal training or background in farming. Josh is a pastor and Amber is a writer and a homeschool mom - we were not exactly going into this adventure as agriculture experts.

So we dove in and studied... we spent hours taking courses, reading books, watching videos, and talking to people in our area who were successfully homesteading and producing food for their families.

And we figured it out! The good news is you can too. We created this website to help encourage others to take the same leap.

You'll never regret putting the focus on what matters most - Faith. Family. Farming. Freedom.