How to Start a Garden - For the Total Beginner

How to Start a Garden - For the Total Beginner

So you’re thinking about starting your first garden? Congrats, friend! You have an exciting road ahead. I know that starting your first garden can seem daunting, but don't worry - we’re going to help you think through the most essential things to know before you begin. You’ve got this! 

I’ve been dabbling in gardening off and on for years, but I really started to get hard core invested into growing food in 2019-2020. I turned into a total garden nerd and read everything I could get my hands on. Then I started sharing the little tips that I was learning along the way - and this blog was born. So here’s some advice from a garden friend… I hope it will help you on your first gardening adventure. 

First things first, let's talk about what kind of garden you'd like to create. Are you looking for a small herb garden to add some fresh flavor to your cooking? Or perhaps you're dreaming of a beautiful flower garden to add some color to your backyard? Do you want a vegetable garden to provide food for your family? Maybe a tea garden or a salsa garden… The possibilities are endless!

Once you've decided on the type of garden you want, it's time to choose a spot. Make sure the area gets plenty of sunlight and has well-draining soil. If the soil in your chosen spot isn't ideal, it’s okay… you can always add some compost or other amendments to improve it.

Our soil is hard red clay so we chose to do a no-dig style garden, adding raised beds and filling them with compost that we sourced locally. Over time, we are learning to create our own compost (more on this in future blog posts), but to start a garden from scratch did require the initial investment of a truck load of compost to fill our raised beds.

Next, it's time to choose your plants! This is the fun part - there are so many different types of plants to choose from, and each one has its own unique characteristics. Do your research and choose plants that will thrive in your climate and soil conditions.

Now for the nitty-gritty - it's time to plant! Make sure to follow the instructions on the seed packets or plant labels, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you're not sure what to do. I’ve found local plant nurseries to be a wealth of knowledge. If you can find a friendly farmer or gardener, buddy up and learn all you can.

If you want more garden support or you want to ask me one-on-one questions, you’ll soon be able to join the Family Garden Club, launching February 1, 2023. I am so excited about this new subscription option that gives you access to a video chat group where we can nerd out together over plants and show off our garden progress. Details on the Family Garden Club coming next week! 

And there you have it - your very own garden! Remember, gardening is a journey, not a destination. Be patient with your plants, and enjoy watching them grow. Happy gardening!

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